Public Relations and Mental Gymnastics… View from the Intern’s Desk

This is a guest post by Brenna Wiebe, OSU Strategic Communications Senior and summer intern at Crossroads Communications. Brenna is working on a major in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing and will be writing on the blog from time to time this summer. I’m excited to have her as part of our team for the next few months and hope many of you will have the chance to meet Brenna or connect with her on Twitter or here on the blog. — Mandy

Gymnastics of the mental kind wear you out, too.

Despite the late nights of last minute studying and the early mornings of my classes, I always managed to find time to catch up on rest in school. Well, then the real world hit me last week as I began my internship at Crossroads Communications. Never have I been more exhausted in my life. Finals week tired doesn’t even compare to your first few days in the real world tired. I don’t remember the last time I was passed out in bed by 9 o’clock multiple nights in a week; yet, last week it happened at least three times. It wasn’t until I had a chat with my boss, Mandy, on the way home from a meeting in Catoosa about why work was so tiring that I understood. As soon as I heard her explain the toll our jobs take on us, it was like the heavens parted and I heard the choirs of angels. As a public relations intern, I have the opportunity to work with clients in varying industries. This means that on any given day, I can go from a meeting with people who own a recycling plant to an owner of a pizzeria.

Now I know this doesn’t sound too tiring, but my mind has to jump from all the information I have collected from the first client to all of the information on the second client. Imagine having to sort through stacks of papers about two unrelated things in a small amount of time while trying to retain as much of the information on the papers as possible, plus have something valuable to add to the discussion about that info later on. Well that’s what my mind has to go through on a daily basis. I definitely see how it gets tiring. I am sure though that as I become more familiar with clients and their industries over time, the process will become easier. Maybe as my second week begins, I will start to notice myself not being as tired after work. One can hope at least!

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  1. Joan Vasquez June 11, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    Sounds like you are doing an awesome job for Mandy and giving it your all. Mandy is an awesome person to learn from so just make sure you take good notes and soak in the full experience. You will be so glad you had this experience with Mandy. The experience and mentorship you are gaining are worth a lot more than money could ever buy! Great post!

  2. Brenna Wiebe June 14, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    Thanks! I have loved working here so far and it’s nice seeing my hard work pay off when something I have worked on is finished. I’ve already learned so much and it’s not even halfway over, so I am excited to see what else I have the opportunity to learn about.

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