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Catfishing – Or, A Primer on “The Interview is Tomorrow Morning!”

I do periodic social media and Internet related segments for our local Fox affiliate, Fox 23. Sometimes they are tied to specific events such as Instagram changing its terms of service, or new Facebook “features.” Sometimes, though, they call me when the topic is timely and the need is immediate. Recently it was a story […]


Public Relations and Mental Gymnastics… View from the Intern’s Desk

This is a guest post by Brenna Wiebe, OSU Strategic Communications Senior and summer intern at Crossroads Communications. Brenna is working on a major in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing and will be writing on the blog from time to time this summer. I’m excited to have her as part of our team […]


Pause For Station Break…

I was getting ready to write the second post in the DIY Brand Audit for Businesses post when I wondered… since the first one didn’t exactly generate conversations, comments, crazy sharing… maybe I’d better evaluate. I’m just wondering what you would like to see/hear/explore in this space. The blog is going to evolve in the […]