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The Crapification of the Corporate Logo

The crapification of logo design lately disturbs me deeply. Though my primary business these days is strategic marketing, advertising and public relations, my degree from lo, these many years past, is in graphic design. The four-year, have to actually learn to draw, kind of design degree. The trend toward “friendlier” logos has been running on […]


How To Completely Piss Off The Public

<sarcasm> First, be a public agency. One funded by public money and responsible for public information, services and monies. Ensure your organization is in a position of power and authority over the lives of said public, making the public therefore dependent upon you and your information to accomplish required tasks or duties. Then, and this […]


Questions Every Business Owner Should Be Asking

At Crossroads Communications, LLC (the “official” name of my business, although you probably found me by searching my name; it’s just the way the Google search bounces) we essentially are a message company. We discover the stories of our clients and share them, whether through PR, marketing, advertising, social media, content-creation on blogs, videos, etc. […]