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Catfishing – Or, A Primer on “The Interview is Tomorrow Morning!”

I do periodic social media and Internet related segments for our local Fox affiliate, Fox 23. Sometimes they are tied to specific events such as Instagram changing its terms of service, or new Facebook “features.” Sometimes, though, they call me when the topic is timely and the need is immediate. Recently it was a story […]


UPDATE: Social Media Project with FOX23 Tulsa

We’ve now completed two full weeks with the team at Fox23 Tulsa, and its been a whirlwind. With station newsroom schedules, our team of Ron Hudson, Cindy Morrison, Mike Henry, Sr., and myself deliver four presentations each week to Fox23 employees. Fox23 News Director Todd Spessard and the rest of the leadership team at Fox embraced the idea of elevating their social media interaction to a new level and have been incredibly supportive as we’ve worked together.