Why I’ve Not Been Around Much Lately

Three big reasons: Truly heavy workload (yay!); husband now has a night job (hours and pay aren’t great, but the benefits and tax-paying help are both necessary and welcome); wrestling with some deep thoughts on the direction of the blog, of my business, and of the channels used for connecting.

In short, I haven’t had the time… and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back to a regular blogging schedule. For me, that usually meant one or perhaps two posts a week on this blog and a post a week on the PR blog over at the Journal Record web site. I’m working on how to use my more limited time (husband’s job has cut out about two hours a day of my “normal” worktime) as efficiently as possible so I can give clients the quality of work they’ve come to expect from me, meet all deadlines, and continue to connect meaningfully here with this community and with my networks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And Foursquare and Whrrl… *sigh* And take care of my family… who sometimes must come first, regardless of what else is happening in the work world.

I rarely “just write something” here because I think you visit to read something more… whatever… than that. Most of you who’ve commented here over the past year are people I’ve connected with in some other medium, too, and I know you to be a smart, savvy bunch. You deserve more from me than just a post. So it isn’t really a matter of having the time to write… it’s having the time to think first, then write. Having enough mental space available to let the bigger thoughts germinate, grow and flower. And that has been in desperately short supply recently.

  • Here are the things I’m trying to let grow so I can write about them for you:
  • Revamping your business or your city’s logo & identity (hint… don’t start with the logo!)
  • Evolution of a Nascent Blogger (why maybe I was wrong about Blogging Being Dead)
  • What to say and do on your business Facebook page to make it work for you (caveat… I’m much better with clients’ pages than the Crossroads Communications page. My effort is definitely going to clients like Smith Farm Marketplace and Andolini’s.)
  • Working your online presence for offline results (business aspects)
  • Integrated Marketing in 2011 (what does it look like, feel like, accomplish?)

So… thanks for sticking around. As I navigate these new waters of waaay busy, 4 kids and being a single-parent much of the time (when hubby is working), I’ll find the right course. One that allows time for the ideas to grow and time for the writing to happen. And, if you know of elves who will drop by for laundry duty overnight, I would be so very appreciative if you’d share their contact info.


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