About Economic Development Marketing (Place Marketing)

Perhaps, if you’ve found my site through PR, Marketing or Social Media searches, links or posts, you found this page and wondered how it all fits together. I love marketing places… economic development marketing is a specialty of mine. Telling the story of a place, for a particular purpose, helps to achieve goals that benefit the citizens who live there, the stakeholders invested there, the businesses who choose to locate there and the regional concerns connected to the primary place. In short, it’s marketing I feel good about doing.

Through our place marketing endeavors, I’ve gotten to know quite a few city councilors, city managers, economic development professionals, developers, retail site selectors and commercial real estate brokers. One former economic development professional, Rickey Hayes, opened his own retail consulting business two years ago and has experienced phenomenal success since then. His approach benefits all the parties involved in retail recruitment and generates results. I’ve been working with him, supplying data, marketing materials and helping to tell the stories of his client cities for the past couple of years and I’m proud to be part of the Retail Attractions, LLC, team.

If you know me personally, or follow me closely on facebook or Twitter, you know I am passionate about what I do. I wanted to introduce you to someone else who is equally passionate about helping cities achieve their visions in economic development and retail recruitment. And now you know how that whole economic development thing fits 🙂


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