About Mandy Vavrinak

Mandy Vavrinak: My Story…

Mandy Vavrinak is a public relations and integrated marketing pro who sums up her mission for clients in just a few words: She and her team find and tell the stories of people, brands, businesses and places. Experienced, professional, and bottom-line focused, she knows how to dig deep, connect the dots for businesses and media, and use the power of our connected world to its best effect.

… Is The Story of You.

Yes, this page may be called “About Mandy Vavrinak” but really, my story is all about YOUR stories. Crossroads Communications, LLC is built on helping people, brands, communities and companies find their story and tell it well. I love what I do… I am constantly meeting new people, seeing new places, getting to delve deep into what makes companies, brands, and markets tick. As a Tulsa, Oklahoma integrated marketing and public relations company, our job at Crossroads Communications is to move businesses and brands from here to there, even if they aren’t quite sure where “there” is. We take the time and employ the tools and processes to help our clients define goals, set strategies, and achieve success through getting their message(s) out to the right people at the right time and in the right ways. And sometimes, when everything has gone wrong, we help businesses communicate in a crisis.

Need an engaging, knowledgable speaker for your group to talk about marketing, public relations, new media, social media, launching a business or owning a business? I speak frequently to groups large and small about these and related topics and I love sharing my passion and experience with others.

More about principal Mandy Vavrinak:

  • Integrated marketing pro, including advertising, PR and social media channels.
  • Writer and speaker.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Experienced strategist – I am passionate about fully investigating & understanding before attempting to market some thing, some one, an idea, place, or space.
  • Specialist in facilitated meetings to brainstorm and develop ideas to answer the question of “Where is THERE for us?”
  • SWOT analysis, vision-casting, tagline or brand attribute building — Mandy can help your team find answers to these and other relevant questions:
  1. How can we apply what we know to something new? How/where can we grow?
  2. What do we really have to offer, and how does it affect our marketplace? How do we quantify it, package it, sell it?
  3. What is the true human face of our community or business, and why does it or should it matter to our market?
  4. What should our internal structure look like if we are to achieve our goals… and do our goals make sense?

Ready to go? Contact Crossroads Communications here and tell us what you want to accomplish. We’re ready to help you make it happen.



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