Better Blogging for Business (Or, Kicking WordPress Website Butt)

It’s finally here… ! After a couple of talks (OK, long discussions) my friendĀ Doug Stewart and I are excited about launching our Blog Better For Business online class (or… Kicking Some Website Butt with WordPress). This is not a WordPress class, per se, though you will, indeed, learn to set up a website that does what YOU want it to do. And yes, we’re going to show you the blogging for business ropes so that your WordPress site brings you leads, prospects, business.

Let me tell you why we wanted to do this in the first place. Separately, Doug and I had both come to the conclusion that many people out there were teaching WordPress and some are very talented. Many people are sharing amazing content geared to blogging better or growing your blog. What was missing was the bridge between blogging, website development overall and your business bottom line. That’s where this class comes in. We’ve gathered the resources, we have the experience in marketing, website development, blogging, PR and social media to make this endeavor worth it for you and for your business or brand.

If you want to build a better website, and want to get found, noticed and recommended for what you know and do, we want to help you. Having a kick-butt blog is part of that equation and this class makes sure you’re ready to launch. The class is affordable, small enough to make sure you get the help you need, and starts soon. If you’re ready to sign up, we’re ready to get started making your website work harder for you. If you know Doug, or me, you know we’re both passionate about helping small businesses compete and win. Let’s do this thing!

PS… if you register after reading this post, comment and tell me. I’m going to do a special follow-up free consultation with everyone who signs up from this blog.

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