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Writing with purpose

Writing with purpose

While talking with a friend and colleague today, discussing blog posts, I had an epiphany… writing blog posts isn’t the hard part. Knowing what to write about, in a general sense, isn’t hard. Writing for a specific audience is the hard part. Thinking in depth about who you’re writing for ~ really ~ is the key to good writing in any medium, anyway, so this isn’t an Earth-shattering revelation.
Everyone who writes “gets this.” Know your audience… yeah, yeah… whatever.
But I challenge you to go beyond “writing for people interested in marketing” (for instance)… are they neophytes? Experienced but still enthusiastic? Jaded? Bored with the field and seeking new inspiration? A post that would appeal to a neophyte marketer and one that would appeal to the jaded among us are likely very different posts even though both would be written for people interested in marketing.
If you’re blogging for more than the joy of self-expression, get that intimate with your goal and objectives, too. Think about (heavens, write down!) how reaching your more clearly-defined audience will help you achieve them. Be prepared to prune posts and post ideas so they serve the needs of your intended audience and further your objectives.

So… who are you writing for, and to what end? And, for fun and to see how well I’m targeting my writing, who do you think I’m writing for?


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