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The Crapification of the Corporate Logo

The crapification of logo design lately disturbs me deeply. Though my primary business these days is strategic marketing, advertising and public relations, my degree from lo, these many years past, is in graphic design. The four-year, have to actually learn to draw, kind of design degree. The trend toward “friendlier” logos has been running on […]


Changing Your City’s Logo

The challenge for cities isn’t whether or not their logo is memorable to their citizens because no matter how bad, it will be… water bills, public works trucks, the water tower, employee uniforms, city hall signage, etc. The challenge is what story does it tell outsiders – potential new residents, businesses, developers and so on. Businesses know that a logo is a visual part of the brand… the promise. A logo represents not just who you are, but what you’re offering. Too many city logos focus on where they’ve been… on the past. Take a look at your city (or your business) logo. If it showcases what people remember about your past, or what made you into the city you are now, it’s time to rethink your brand.