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Truths About Building Community

If the purpose is to create “a community of bicycle enthusiasts” you need to re-think. You’ve defined who you’re after (bicycle enthusiasts) but not WHY they’ve come and WHAT you hope they’ll do for or be to each other. A better purpose (lens) would be seeking to create “A place where bicycling enthusiasts can share knowledge about the best trails/rides so others can discover and enjoy them, too.”


Beyond “Know Your Audience” > Writing With Purpose

But I challenge you to go beyond “writing for people interested in marketing” (for instance)… are they neophytes? Experienced but still enthusiastic? Jaded? Bored with the field and seeking new inspiration? A post that would appeal to a neophyte marketer and one that would appeal to the jaded among us are likely very different posts even though both would be written for people interested in marketing.


Automating Politeness

There seems to be a school of thought in social media circles that automating anything is not authentic. I disagree. Would you go back to keeping your books in a spiral notebook, or have you gotten used to software to automate many of those tasks?
How about your Tivo or DVR? Is scheduling programs to automatically record watching television in an unauthentic way? Advertisers might say, “Yes!!” but I digress….