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Place Marketing for Economic Development

Perhaps, if you’ve found my site through PR, Marketing or Social Media searches, links or posts, you found this page and wondered how it all fits together. I specialize in marketing places… economic development marketing, growing your city or marketing your site for development. Telling the story of a place, for a particular purpose, helps to achieve goals that benefit the citizens who live there, the stakeholders invested there, the businesses who choose to locate there and the regional concerns connected to the primary place. In short, it’s marketing I feel good about doing. If your city is ready to grow, needs to create a more positive image, wants to better market itself to attract new jobs, residents, retail or restaurants, we can help. I and my team work either on contract or on a per-project basis and have numerous successful relationships and projects behind us. Through our place marketing endeavors, I’ve gotten to know quite a few city councilors, city managers, planners, economic development professionals, developers, retail site selectors and commercial real estate brokers. Put my network and data resources to work for your city or site today and let’s make something positive happen in your community.

Some economic development services we provide:

  • Serving as your economic development professional, including data development and marketing your community for economic development purposes
  • Consulting with your city council, staff or administration teams regarding development strategies and practices, city planning and zoning, incentives, possibilities and opportunities, challenges to marketing, etc.
  • Managing public input processes and feedback, ongoing public relations for development and image enhancement, crisis communications, facilitated team, board or community meetings
  • Development of a cohesive brand for the city, site or area including public or stakeholder input, tagline/theme and logo development
  • Research and demographics, data development, comprehensive reports, marketing one sheets, property listings, opportunity gap analysis, market growth analysis, economic impact analysis, sales tax forecasts, etc.
  • Develop modern, simple to use but comprehensive and useful city websites and economic development websites. Our site designs have earned “A+” ratings from the Sunshine Review for transparency in government.

Contact us today! If you know me personally, or follow me closely on facebook or Twitter, you know I am passionate about what I do… telling the stories of businesses, brands and communities. And now you know how that whole economic development thing fits 🙂

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