Growing Beyond Your Own Strengths

Our careers and our leadership legacy are a collection of single moments.

After being on my own as a small business person for seven years, I recently contracted with a smart, talented young woman to assist me with day-to-day tasks, graphic projects and schedule management. The decision was not an easy one… I tend to be a private person and I need a certain amount of “mental space” in order to deliver my best work. I work from a (thankfully large) home office, which means any person sharing my work life is also sharing office space and mental space with me.

I’ve managed award-winning teams of creative, driven people during my previous work life at larger advertising agency and have also successfully led client-staff integrated project teams in the past, so I wasn’t concerned about my ability to effectively lead one contracted provider. I should have been concerned, and I am going to share some lessons learned with all of you. (READ the whole post on the website)



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