Let Reality Infect Your Worldview

Lots of Grads Look for Lots of Jobs

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I’d be ashamed of myself the only way I could explain no job were to sue the college I willingly gave years of my life and thousands of my dollars to because they somehow failed me. Really? I mean…. really!!??

Grad Sues College for $70,000 Because She Cant Find a Job – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News –

Even if the education was substandard, she wasn’t required to CONTINUE to give them her money and stay there to not learn. There is so much wrong with this entire picture that I’m nearly speechless… which is a rarity for me.

True, it’s a rough environment out there for job seekers, but the majority of folks out there are, in fact, still employed. Thank goodness. And I’m guessing there are jobs out there, even for her, just not the job she really wants. How many of you got your first job out of college and it was perfect? You walked in, sat down at your new (new to you, anyway) desk and said to yourself, “Yeah, man… all those dollars and time… definitely worth it for THIS job!”

I bet the internal conversation went more like, “OK… so the office smells, the chair’s hydraulics don’t work, this computer is a relic, and I have to make the coffee and deliver it to everyone else… but it’s in my field and it’s a start.” Why do people expect things to just come easily? Most worthwhile events and occasions have a serious effort quotient attached. I wish this girl the best… and perhaps the best thing that could happen would be for some serious reality to infect her world view. What do you think?


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