Long Journey Back

Still working on updating pages here on the site that the WordPress pharma hack infected. I apologize if you see in a title or search something that obviously I am not selling… I think between Carlos Moreno, Doug Stewart and some very helpful Twitter friends (@bradleyhunt, @rmalove), the worst is over.
If you were, indeed, searching for some concoction (I don’t want to use any of the keywords that would just pull more unrelated traffic!), I apologize. This blog is written by me, Mandy Vavrinak, about integrated marketing, public relations, marketing places, and digital relevance.
As soon as I’m confident all the pages (there are a lot of infected posts) are updated, I’ll get back to writing new content for the blog. Thanks, everyone, for your support 🙂 One thing I’ve learned from this, other than those security measures they recommend taking with your database are worth it, is that we all get along with a little help from our friends, online or off.


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