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Rickey Hayes founded Retail Attractions in 2007 to provide a suite of services to the retail development world, including cities, developers, retailers, site selectors, economic development trusts and authorities. Communities and their citizens benefit when national retailers and restaurants, quality residential developments, and state of the art health care facilities choose to locate in their city. Developers and retailers benefit from choosing a location in a Retail Attractions client city because the process is smooth and efficient.

Before starting Retail Attractions,

Rickey Hayes

Rickey Hayes

Rickey served as the Economic Development Director for the City of Owasso, Oklahoma for six years. During that time, the city experienced tremendous growth in both commercial and residential investment. The city’s sales tax base more than doubled. New commercial construction during his tenure totaled more than 4.2 million square feet with over a quarter of a billion dollars in total value. Since beginning Retail Attractions, LLC, our partner cities have seen another 1 million square feet of new retail development, along with the corresponding sales tax revenue that comes with new retail sales.

Rickey developed and maintains a quality network of contacts in the development, real estate, site selection, leasing and tenanting, engineering, creative financing, architecture and planning arenas. He brings this formidable contact base to bear when helping a city seeking new retail or when helping a developer source sites, tenants and financial incentives. He understands how city governments operate and the interplay of city political, financial, and regulatory environments. He also understands how development works and what site selectors, developers and retail tenants need to see, hear, and feel about a potential location in order to move forward. You can contact Rickey through his website or by e-mailing me with any questions (see the handy e-mail link at the top of the page!)


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