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Three Questions with Jason Connell, Founder of The United Film Festivals

Three questions with director, producer and Tulsa native Jason Connell, founder of the United Film Festival… coming THIS WEEKEND to Tulsa. If you’ve never heard of the festival… where have you been? Started in Tulsa in 2002, it now includes New York, LA, Chicago, San Fran and London. And Tulsa. The festivals screen exceptional independent […]


Fanning the Flame in Tulsa

At Ignite Tulsa last month, I talked about “Why Passion Doesn’t Change Anything.” I wanted people to come away with the idea that passion, by itself, doesn’t accomplish change, or make love true, or make you money. In other words, don’t be passionate; be effective. And now, those of you out there (and you know who you are) who have an idea, a passion, a… something you know can succeed, have your chance to go be effective.