Take Off The Blinders… Is Social Media Ruining Your Vision?

This is the framing post for the Wednesday, 2/9/11 #smchat on Twitter.

When you live in a social media fueled world, you sometimes forget to examine the larger perspectives out there. The more engaged in social media you are, the more likely this is to happen to you, your company, your clients or your brand. Social Media blinders are dangerous and marketers, PR people, brand managers and small business owners need to know the signs and how to look beyond.

Signs you may be wearing blinders:

  1. You can’t remember the last time you watched an entire local newscast or read more than two stories from one issue of your local newspaper (even online)
  2. You have no idea which local TV or newspaper reporters cover your business area or expertise
  3. You get all or nearly all of your news from either your Twitter feed or your Facebook feed

What can happen?

  1. Missed PR opportunities, missing trends or local shifts in perception that may not be filtering through to social media
  2. Skewed view of your marketplace or your target audience’s wants, needs, problems or challenges
  3. Giving up market share to competitors who are not constrained by blinders

How can you combat Social Media Blinders?

  1. Use Google Alerts for more than just your name or your company name. Stay on top of key concepts or phrases in your industry or marketplace.
  2. Stay in touch with what is happening in your local community by staying engaged with your local media.
  3. Create content that is easily shareable beyond Twitter or Facebook. Think larger, think longer-term.
  4. Get to know how much time your target market spends online, and where they spend it. Most importantly, figure out WHY they’re online. Posting coupons to Facebook is great if customers are there for coupons. If they are there for backstory and to find out about your corporate responsibility, you’ll need a different strategy.
  5. Get out there… literally.

Got more? Other concerns about living to much in a hyper-connected world as it pertains to marketing, PR, brand, business or reputation? Anything you want to be sure we address in the chat? Post away in the comments!

Hope you’ll be able to join us this Wednesday, 1PM Eastern/noon Central for the chat. If you miss it, check out for the transcript afterward. I’ll post the link in the comments on this post after we wrap the chat.


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