Why You Should Attend Get Social

It’s not just another social media conference… rather than a collection of “gurus” or “experts” whose expertise is in self-promotion, the May 4th Get Social event in Tulsa will help business owners, marketing professionals, HR directors, managers and brand builders put into practice what works in new media.

Beyond Twitter or Facebook set up and basics, this event brings global talent to Tulsa in addition to Oklahoma practitioners who are using new media to drive real businesses forward.

Presented in an unconference format, Get Social allows participants to, well, get social… be part of determining what they most want to learn, network extensively with other attendees and track leaders, and share what they know in a format that encourages interaction and active learning.

I am leading two tracks tomorrow, both geared toward my business expertise. I am definitely looking forward to meeting all those who attend, being part of the other tracks and learning alongside the participants.

The “new” in new media is the technology and channels being employed to connect people and other people, ideas, places, spaces and things. The role of media (a method for broadcast or sharing of a message) hasn’t changed. Social and Mobile media have exponentially increased the speed of travel and the overall load of messages, meaning potential customers’ or potential employees’ abilities to filter, organize and retain information is now a critical factor in success.

At Get Social, we’ll be sharing how to make your message stick… whether you need to share what makes your company a great place to work, what makes your product or idea different, or how your latest innovation will change your industry.

If you’re coming, tweet me or Facebook me and let me know to look for you! Or… I guess you could just comment below 🙂

PS > Can’t make the Tulsa event? Be sure to visit the Events page on the site for other upcoming events. This stuff is just too good not to share in multiple cities!


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